Entisol soil in southern AZ floodplain
  • General GIS management and services
  • Remote Sensing image preparation and analysis
  • Soil, landform and topographical mapping
  • Agriculture and ranching land management planning
  • Erosion mapping and assessments
  • Up-to-date location and network modeling
  • Monitoring trends across property
  • Vegetation and resource monitoring
  • GIS Webserver setup
  • Land use potential models
  • Marketing maps and databases
  • Environmental Impact/Assessment work
...and analysis, data management, web apps, reporting and personalized training for all natural resource and spatial infrastructure needs.

NGS specializes in adding value to our clients using the wealth of spatial data available today so that our clients can make informed decisions to manage their land assets for maximum benefits. To
make the best recommendations and information available to clients, the most modern techniques in imagery classification, statistical modeling, spatial analysis, and environmental theory are emphasized in developing the best solution for your needs.

Grassland restoration plot in semi-arid grassland in AZ