Open-Source Powered

In addition to experience with conventional GIS packages (e.g. ArcGIS), NGS uses a variety of open-source software, or software freely available for the public to accomplish mapping and analysis needs. Part of the NGS strategy is to build a synergy with clients by not just doing the analysis, map-making, and consulting for projects needed by clients, but also helping teach them to interact with the resulting spatial data. With applications like Google Maps and Google Earth so widely used; why not build on this boom of spatial technology and help entities become even more competent in using spatial data to manage property. Below is a list of some open-source software packages we use and links to their sites.

NGS Open-Source Favorites


System for Automated Geoscientific Analysis (SAGA)

- Great GIS software with a focus on raster analysis.


Integrated Land and Water Information System (ILWIS)

- Another great GIS system with a variety of vector and raster functions


Quantum GIS

- Simple GIS system with many add-on tools and interface with GRASS GIS


MapWindow GIS

- Basic GIS with good processing toolset


- Probably biggest open-source GIS project with extensive tools and related publications

  Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL)

- Online library of GIS code available to all used for many of the free GIS available


Some other good open-source GIS links: