About NGS

  NGS offers soil science consulting, photogrammetric analysis, Geographic Information System (GIS) services  and environmental consulting to land owners and entities of all sizes. With an emphasis in open-source spatial resources, environmental science, and related applications for a variety of fields, clients of from diverse backgrounds can benefit from our services.

The goal at Nauman Geospatial is to unlock the wealth of information available to clients needing better understanding of natural resources in a spatial context. Remotely-Sensed imagery and topographical data sources are abundant and increasingly useful as computing capabilities advance. Utilization of these types of data sources and modern natural resources theory to solve land management problems is the focus at NGS.

Currently, I (Travis Nauman) am working on a PhD. at West Virginia University to expand my skill set. During this program, I have stepped back from actively pursuing projects, but welcome inquiries. If I cannot help you I will try to direct you to someone who can.